Hello everyone,
In 2013 I'm looking to take Music and Entertainment's Underworld up a notch along with setting up the release of projects like my film, "Driving Nowhere," my second full length album, my new website, among other things.  I have been enjoying the ride so far in getting to speak with and interview some awesome people and am looking forward to continuing to do these things as I have some cool events and interviews lined up.  But of course, we can always use help with gas and travels as well as maintaining the main website for the webzine!  Sales from my projects and any donations goes right back into things like my webzine and my other projects (equipment upgrades can get you every time) as well as helping the other independent artists I interview and help promote get out to more people.  Even just a dollar can go a long way and is much appreciated. :)  I will likely be starting an indiegogo campaign at sometime in the future, but the below button is also available and you can enter as much or as little as you want.  Another thing I hope to do in the near future is a print version of my webzine.

Thanks so much for enjoying everything so far! 


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