Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick News Update

Hey everyone!

As we go through changes, updgrades, etc here, I have some news updates.

One is that Horror Realm is this weekend at which I'm featured as a guest.  The website info is below and if you can make it, stop by my table!  I'll have cool promo items and junkfood :)

Horror Realm Con Website

Another is that I'm officially signed onto three new films that are currently in the pre-production and production phases.  Two are with Eerie Frequency Entertainment and the other is with World Parody Productions.  I will announce one of those saying that I have officially signed on as the character "Jane" in Matt Jefferson's The Downfall of Mr. Difford.  I'm really excited about this film (along with the others).  Mr. Difford is what I would describe as being Silence of the Lambs meets American Psycho with a touch of Dexter.  I will update you on this and the other projects as we go :)

On the music front (in addition to new material for my upcoming new album), the film Dying 2 Meet U in which the songs "Lost Little Girl" and "Warrior" was featured, won in the Best Cinematography and placed second in the Suspense-Thriller categories at the International Indie Gathering Film Festival.  It was also screened recently at Scare-A-Con in New York.
The film with Faux Pas Films, Ovulation, in which "Ashes to Dust" is featured is also set to be released soon and we will be updating on that as we get info.
Along with that, the fine folks at LegacyVerse Productions will be featuring three songs in their forthcoming film, Reaper 3 and there is also our awesome partnership with the folks at Ghost Walk Studios.  We are currently working on three new songs for them:  two for their film, The Dawson War and a theme song for their forthcoming tv/webseries!  More on all of those coming soon :)

And speaking of music, if you are a filmmaker and want to use our music but don't want any vocals on them?  Well, we have released The Poet Instrumentals through CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.  It features all compositions and arrangements of the songs from my album Poet without the vocals.

Check it out on CDBaby as well as iTunes and Amazon!  It is available for downloading only.

On the writing front, along with the Bloodlines series, I'm also going to be part of an anthology project (tenatively titled the 'Bay Window' project) in which I'll be writing two vignettes.

As far as producing goes, we are almost finished with Driving Nowhere.  We are working on coordinating the last shoot and have rough edited what we have so far.

More detailed updates will be posted as there is much to come :)