Monday, August 19, 2013

Photos from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival this Passed Weekend

Check out some photos from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival at my Tumblr Page!

And if you want the nifty wasp shirt I'm wearing, contact the folks at Goods & Evil Clothing! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

DYING 2 MEET U at the Indie Gathering, Other Screenings, My Tumblr, and More to Come!

Hi everyone,

I know its been a while since I've really given a good update here.  We've been going through a sort of "transitional period" with the production company and projects as we move on from the plane we managed to very proudly get to.  After returning from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival this weekend, I will be beginning work on my new official website so that everyone can have a central place to visit and see all my stuff (music, film, writing, and probably more as I explore new terrains of the entertainment world).  I plan to have the new website up by year's end.  This will also mean a slight revamping of the newsletter too.  I also have a couple new film acting roles that I will get to once I begin filming them on set.

I also feel it is time to finish the next full length album.  My original plan was to have it out in 2010, about a year or two apart from 2008's POET (though I have released smaller EPs and singles).  But life and other projects happened and since then, I've grown quite a bit as not only a songwriter but as a human being and because of that?  I think that this next album is going to actually be even more exciting and fun to put out than if I had done a more regimented release.  But now I feel ready to dive right in.

Also, I'm posting never released and "long lost" photos on my Tumblr Page so swing by and check that out.  :)

I'm also happy to say that another film I'm involved with (musically) is now an award winner, winning second place in the Suspense-Thriller category.  The film is DYING 2 MEET U and it will also screen Saturday evening before the after party.  We will also be performing a short set at the after-party (one song will be one of the songs featured in DYING 2 MEET U).  Visit the Indie Gathering's page for more info:

Indie Gathering International Film Festival

I'll also have a table there with some nifty promo items, so stop by this event.  :)

I also found out that another film I act in and narrate, RESOLUTION: A PORTRAIT OF AMELIA EARHART, will also be screened in Episode 5 of Brodian's Basement.  More info is at their website.

Well, I will have alot of video to edit after the Indie Gathering so there will be plenty of new material for the YouTube Channel.  I'm looking forward to beginning work on my new website so that everything will be in one place :)

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cyclical Effect is Free Today

Visit the Cyclical Effect Facebook page for the link to watch the film free today only.  I have a fun cameo in this film and my song "Ghost" makes an appearance too! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Cyclical Effect" Screening for Free Online Today!

Check out a film I'm in and my song "Ghost" is featured in for free anytime today (Sunday)!

The following info from Faux Pas Films about "Cyclical Effect":

Midnight! (central time) Cyclical! Free!
Calling all Independent cinema fans! For one day only! We will be showcasing our feature film drama "Cyclical Effect" in a world premiere for all to see. There is only one place to get the link and that's over at the Cyclical Effect Facebook page. Come and watch the movie any time this Sunday August the 4th. But don't wait too late, because the free showing ends in 24 hours. Also, our summer DVD sale at our DVD store ends at the same time. Support Indie film!




DVD Store: