Monday, April 1, 2013

Continuing the "Bloodlines" story, "Ghost Walk: The Dawson War" added to IMDb Credits, "Ovulation" World Premiere at Spookshow Con!

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that the newest installment of the first book of the "Bloodlines" series is now up.  I've been posting the first draft of book 1 as a sort of experiment before I release the edited and completed book form.

Check out the newest installment here!

Also check out my IMDb page as my Music Department credits for "Ghost Walk: The Dawson War" has been added.
Plus, check out The Dawson War IMDb page as well!

I'm also backing the new Faux Pas film, "Ovulation" and there is a chance I may be involved musically too!  The film is set to have it's world premiere at Spook Show Con in Chicago, Illinois this November!  Congrats to all involved. :)

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