Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eerie Frequency Expo and Midnight Massacre

Due to being super busy right now, I've been a terrible promoter for this event. But I will be a guest here plus I'll be filming a couple of my scenes for the film "Midnight Massacre" here too! :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Changes to Events and New Website Coming

Hey everyone,

There has been a change to the November events with the cancellation of the Sears Zombie-Thon.  But the Pop Culture and Toy Expo later in the month is still on.

Check out events here.

Also, I'm at work now on the new website and am looking forward to having all my stuff together in one place!  I'll update you on that as it continues to build :)

Have a lovely evening,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My New Interview!

Hey all,

It occurred to me that I forgot to post the link to my new interview conducted by Idol Features!

Check it out:

Idol Features Interview

Thanks to Chris Charles :)

Support Castle Blood and the SweeT Shop!

Hey all! Help support two small businesses! If you are in the Gibsonia/Bakerstown area, stop in at the SweeT b Sweet Shop. They are good people and have some amazing treats (you can order in bulk for your event or buy some single cookies, bars, etc) and get some good coffee. They are also cool enough to let me place some 2.00 off coupons for Castle Blood Haunted Attraction. So stop by there, check it out, buy cookie and coffee, and get 2 dollars off of a Castle Blood entry :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Videos Here, 31 Days of Halloween on My Tumblr, and Upcoming Events

Well, I have alot of new things for you guys :)

First, here is some footage from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival and Horror Realm:



Check out my new video interviews with the guys of MOFA and the lovely Tiffany Shepis at the Entertainment's Underworld Webzine Blog.

I also have interviewed Gravely MacCabre of Castle Blood for a Halloween article I wrote for the webzine, Ravenous Monster.  Here are some highlighted snippets from the interview and the written article will be on the RavMon webzine this month.

I'm also doing my 31 Days of Halloween at my Tumblr where I will post a Halloween Photo there each day in October.  Check out Days 1 and 2!

I also have a couple more events coming up so check out the Events section soon.  :)

Thanks all,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick News Update

Hey everyone!

As we go through changes, updgrades, etc here, I have some news updates.

One is that Horror Realm is this weekend at which I'm featured as a guest.  The website info is below and if you can make it, stop by my table!  I'll have cool promo items and junkfood :)

Horror Realm Con Website

Another is that I'm officially signed onto three new films that are currently in the pre-production and production phases.  Two are with Eerie Frequency Entertainment and the other is with World Parody Productions.  I will announce one of those saying that I have officially signed on as the character "Jane" in Matt Jefferson's The Downfall of Mr. Difford.  I'm really excited about this film (along with the others).  Mr. Difford is what I would describe as being Silence of the Lambs meets American Psycho with a touch of Dexter.  I will update you on this and the other projects as we go :)

On the music front (in addition to new material for my upcoming new album), the film Dying 2 Meet U in which the songs "Lost Little Girl" and "Warrior" was featured, won in the Best Cinematography and placed second in the Suspense-Thriller categories at the International Indie Gathering Film Festival.  It was also screened recently at Scare-A-Con in New York.
The film with Faux Pas Films, Ovulation, in which "Ashes to Dust" is featured is also set to be released soon and we will be updating on that as we get info.
Along with that, the fine folks at LegacyVerse Productions will be featuring three songs in their forthcoming film, Reaper 3 and there is also our awesome partnership with the folks at Ghost Walk Studios.  We are currently working on three new songs for them:  two for their film, The Dawson War and a theme song for their forthcoming tv/webseries!  More on all of those coming soon :)

And speaking of music, if you are a filmmaker and want to use our music but don't want any vocals on them?  Well, we have released The Poet Instrumentals through CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.  It features all compositions and arrangements of the songs from my album Poet without the vocals.

Check it out on CDBaby as well as iTunes and Amazon!  It is available for downloading only.

On the writing front, along with the Bloodlines series, I'm also going to be part of an anthology project (tenatively titled the 'Bay Window' project) in which I'll be writing two vignettes.

As far as producing goes, we are almost finished with Driving Nowhere.  We are working on coordinating the last shoot and have rough edited what we have so far.

More detailed updates will be posted as there is much to come :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Photos from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival this Passed Weekend

Check out some photos from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival at my Tumblr Page!

And if you want the nifty wasp shirt I'm wearing, contact the folks at Goods & Evil Clothing! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

DYING 2 MEET U at the Indie Gathering, Other Screenings, My Tumblr, and More to Come!

Hi everyone,

I know its been a while since I've really given a good update here.  We've been going through a sort of "transitional period" with the production company and projects as we move on from the plane we managed to very proudly get to.  After returning from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival this weekend, I will be beginning work on my new official website so that everyone can have a central place to visit and see all my stuff (music, film, writing, and probably more as I explore new terrains of the entertainment world).  I plan to have the new website up by year's end.  This will also mean a slight revamping of the newsletter too.  I also have a couple new film acting roles that I will get to once I begin filming them on set.

I also feel it is time to finish the next full length album.  My original plan was to have it out in 2010, about a year or two apart from 2008's POET (though I have released smaller EPs and singles).  But life and other projects happened and since then, I've grown quite a bit as not only a songwriter but as a human being and because of that?  I think that this next album is going to actually be even more exciting and fun to put out than if I had done a more regimented release.  But now I feel ready to dive right in.

Also, I'm posting never released and "long lost" photos on my Tumblr Page so swing by and check that out.  :)

I'm also happy to say that another film I'm involved with (musically) is now an award winner, winning second place in the Suspense-Thriller category.  The film is DYING 2 MEET U and it will also screen Saturday evening before the after party.  We will also be performing a short set at the after-party (one song will be one of the songs featured in DYING 2 MEET U).  Visit the Indie Gathering's page for more info:

Indie Gathering International Film Festival

I'll also have a table there with some nifty promo items, so stop by this event.  :)

I also found out that another film I act in and narrate, RESOLUTION: A PORTRAIT OF AMELIA EARHART, will also be screened in Episode 5 of Brodian's Basement.  More info is at their website.

Well, I will have alot of video to edit after the Indie Gathering so there will be plenty of new material for the YouTube Channel.  I'm looking forward to beginning work on my new website so that everything will be in one place :)

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cyclical Effect is Free Today

Visit the Cyclical Effect Facebook page for the link to watch the film free today only.  I have a fun cameo in this film and my song "Ghost" makes an appearance too! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Cyclical Effect" Screening for Free Online Today!

Check out a film I'm in and my song "Ghost" is featured in for free anytime today (Sunday)!

The following info from Faux Pas Films about "Cyclical Effect":

Midnight! (central time) Cyclical! Free!
Calling all Independent cinema fans! For one day only! We will be showcasing our feature film drama "Cyclical Effect" in a world premiere for all to see. There is only one place to get the link and that's over at the Cyclical Effect Facebook page. Come and watch the movie any time this Sunday August the 4th. But don't wait too late, because the free showing ends in 24 hours. Also, our summer DVD sale at our DVD store ends at the same time. Support Indie film!




DVD Store:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Film News and More to be Announced Soon

Film news: "Dying 2 Meet U" award-winning & screening, "Resolution" playing, & "Ovulation" coming to DVD.  More info soon:)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Review of a Film I'm In (and Awesome Quote About Me That Totally Made My Day)

Quote of me in a review for a film I'm in that just totally made my day:

" the field of indie actresses these days who seem to pop up like weeds she stands out just for being so real, and have that girl next door look and personality." ~JamesD, WickedChannel

And read the rest of the review for the film Fetish Dolls Die Laughing.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Footage from Horror Hotel Weekend, More Events and Projects Being Scheduled

Hi everyone,

Here are the last three videos from Horror Hotel Weekend.  Enjoy!




There are also a couple more events being scheduled as well as some other projects being scheduled that I'm excited about.  We will bring you those as they are announced and made public :) 

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First of the Video Footage from Horror Hotel Weekend, New Additions to Bloodlines, Dawson War Indiegogo Campaign Nearing It's End

This passed weekend, we had a blast being guests at Horror Hotel Weekend Film Convention and have alot of video footage to show!  We did a Music in Film panel, a film I acted in, "Fetish Dolls Die Laughing" was screened and took home 4th Place in the Best Horror Feature Category, and we got to hang out with amazing friends in the industry!  Here are the first pieces of footage:

Tiffany Apan and Jason English's 'Music in Film' Panel (it's a half hour long so make sure you have time to watch!)

Ray Szuch's Introduction to the Awards Ceremony

Midnight Syndicate's Ed Douglas is Inducted to the Indie Filmmaker's Hall of Fame

There is more to come!

Also, check out the newest additions to the Bloodlines Series Site.

It's also nearing the end of the Dawson War startup campaign! Even a dollar will help :) Or share with friends and spread the word of this amazing film :)

The Dawson War-Indiegogo
Have a fabulous day, everyone!

Friday, April 26, 2013

New webisodes and the webzine/podcast and new Bloodlines Chapter!

Check some new webisodes featuring Castle Blood, Silver Springs Films, and Tempest at the
Music and Entertainments Underworld Blog Area !

And check out the newest installment of Bloodlines!

Tiffany Apan's "Bloodlines" (Working Title) 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bloodlines Series

Check out the newest installments of book 1 of the Bloodlines series!  And Chapter 14 is coming Friday :)

Bloodlines, Book 1 First Draft

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chapter 9 in the first draft of Bloodlines is now up! :)

Check out the newest installment of Bloodlines here.  And if you need to catch up first, check the Chapters Section! :)

Also, more news on my appearance at Horror Hotel will be coming soon :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

New installment in "Bloodlines" Series!

Hey everyone,

I posted the conclusion yesterday of THE TIME IN BETWEEN, 1846-1931 of the first draft of book 1 of the "Bloodlines" series.

Check it out, here!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Continuing the "Bloodlines" story, "Ghost Walk: The Dawson War" added to IMDb Credits, "Ovulation" World Premiere at Spookshow Con!

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that the newest installment of the first book of the "Bloodlines" series is now up.  I've been posting the first draft of book 1 as a sort of experiment before I release the edited and completed book form.

Check out the newest installment here!

Also check out my IMDb page as my Music Department credits for "Ghost Walk: The Dawson War" has been added.
Plus, check out The Dawson War IMDb page as well!

I'm also backing the new Faux Pas film, "Ovulation" and there is a chance I may be involved musically too!  The film is set to have it's world premiere at Spook Show Con in Chicago, Illinois this November!  Congrats to all involved. :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

"Cyclical Effect," Forthcoming Podcasts

I received my DVD copy of the film "Cyclical Effect" in the mail the other day sent by the lovely folks at Faux Pas Films. I have a fun scene in this movie and the song "Ghost" from my album, "Poet" is also featured in the movie! You should get your copy too and get it at the Faux Pas store: 

I'll also be pod/vidcasting from Castle Blood's "Crafts from the Crypt" tomorrow so stay tuned for that and a vidcast from the set of Silver Springs Films' forthcoming "The Residual."

Check out the Crafts from the Crypt event at the Castle Blood Website!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Newly Posted on the Bloodlines series site!

Check out Section 2 of THE TIME IN BETWEEN, 1846-1931 of the 1st draft of book 1 in the Bloodlines series!

THE TIME IN BETWEEN, 1846-1931: Section 2 (FIRST DRAFT)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Chapter of the first Bloodlines book is up!

Well boys and girls, Chapter 8 and the conclusion of PART 1: NICOLAE'S ESCAPE is now up for consumption! 

Check it out here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Interview at my Webzine!

Check out the newest interview with indie filmmaker, Michael Johnson of Faux Pas Films at my webzine!
Michael Johnson Interview

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Chapter of Bloodlines is up, Horror Realm Recap videos!

Hey everyone,

Check out the next Chapter and news for my Bloodlines Novel Series.

And check out video of the Horror Realm weekend!




Friday, March 8, 2013

"Cyclical Effect" Available for DVD Pre-order!

"Cyclical Effect" is now available for pre-order on DVD.  I have a fun scene in this movie and my song "Ghost" is used on the soundtrack!

Pre-order Cyclical Effect here!

Chapter 6 of the First Draft of the first "Bloodlines" Book is Up!

Check it out here. :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Chapter 5 of the First Draft of Bloodlines is Up!

We're giving you two chapters this week!  Chapter 5 is up and Chapter 6 will be up Friday :)

Tiffany Apan's Bloodlines

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chapter 4 of Bloodlines is now up and March events

Hey all!

Chapter 4 of book 1 in the Bloodlines series is now up.  We begin to pick apart Nicolae's psyche so read on:


Also, if you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd), stop at the Hollywood Theater for an event to raise money for the theater which includes a silent auction where I donated signed copies of my album "Poet," a DVD of the film "Fetish Dolls Die Laughing" and an 8x11 signed:

Also check out more at the Facebook Event

I'm also scheduled to be a guest at Horror Realm Convention Spring Break Massacre!  Check out more at the Horror Realm Convention Website.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 3 of BLOODLINES is up!

Check out Chapter 3 of Book 1 in the Bloodlines Series as well as some other updates!

Tiffany Apan's BLOODLINES (working title)

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Chapters and News for BLOODLINES!

Chapter 2 and the Second Interlude (I decided to post that as well because it's so short) of book 1 are now up along with update news!  Check it out and read from the beginning or pick up from where you left off. :)

Tiffany Apan's BLOODLINES (working title)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Featured This Year for Women in Horror Month!

Very honored to be featured during this years Women in Horror Month! Thanks to Christine Soltis and Ravenous Monster for the love :) 

Women in Horror Month 2013: In There Own Words

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Page for my BLOODLINES series!

Hey guys!

Check out my new site set up for my novel series, Bloodlines (working title).

The site is still a work in progress, but it's getting there:

Tiffany Apan's BLOODLINES (working title)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hollywood Theater Fundraiser

If you are in or around the Pittsburgh, PA area and would like a chance to win this:

Than attend this event in Dormont, PA that is to raise money for the Hollywood Theater.  Check out the event at the link below:

Hollywood Theater Fundraising Event

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help us Help the Hollywood Theater

This will be an event to keep the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA open. I am donating a signed copy of my CD, a signed DVD of one of my films, and a signed 8x11! Other small businesses and artists are also donating some cool things to be auctioned with the proceeds going to the Hollywood Theater. Please check this event out :) 

Hollywood Theater Fundraiser Event

Friday, January 25, 2013

Review of "Devilution"

Hey all,

Check out a review of the film "Devilution" on the site Bloody Disgusting.  Two songs from my album ("Ghost" and "Warrior") are featured in the film.  "Devilution" won for Best Horror Short at the 2012 Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia, PA and Silver Springs Films is also assisting us in "Driving Nowhere".  Check out the review:

Devilution Review on Bloody Disgusting

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Recap and Onto 2013!

Hi everyone.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year.  2012 was an exciting year as five films in which I was involved were released:

"Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earhart"  (ZDiet3 Productions) in which I played the part of Rosemary and narrated the film.  The film had it's premiere screening at The International Indie Gathering Film Festival in Hudson, OH in August of 2012.  It also won third place for Best Documentary at this festival.

Visit The Resoution Movie Website for more info.

"Fetish Dolls Die Laughing" (zDiet3 Productions, Kiss of Death Productions) in which I played the role of Darlene Jakes was released to DVD through World Wide Multi Media in April of 2012.  The film had been screened at a couple websites and film festivals including being #1 on MaddyGTV for a couple weeks and being screened at the Killer Film Festival in Somerville, MA.  The film recieved and Honorable Mention at the International Indie Gathering Film Festival in Hudson, OH in August of 2012. 

Visit Fetish Dolls Die Laughing Amazon Page to order from Amazon!  It's definitely a different kind of movie.

"The Farm" (Ghost Walk Productions) was released to DVD through Ghost Walk Production's website and I was happy to have my songs "Black Forest" and "Ghost" included in the film.  I was also honored when they made "Ghost" the movie's theme.  The film was screened at the International Indie Gathering in Hudson, OH and won Best Horror Short at the festival.  It has also had a premiere theatrical screening in Cleveland, OH at the Cedar Lee Theater and had seen several screenings at websites and festivals across the country.  More screenings are in the works for 2013.

Visit The Farm Movie Website for more information.

"Devilution" (Silver Springs Films) had it's premiere public screening at the Terror Film Festival in Philedelphia, PA in September 2012.  I was happy to have my songs "Ghost" and "Warrior" featured in the film.  "Devilution" also took home the awards for Best Horror Short Film and Best Supporting Actress.  More screenings are in the works for 2013.

Visit Silver Spring Films Website for more information. 

"Dying 2 Meet U" (Belgrade and Cleveland Media Group) saw it's premiere screening and theatrical screening at the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland, OH in October 2012.  I'm happy to have my songs "Lost Little Girl" and "Warrior" featured in the film.  More screenings are in the works for 2013.

Visit Dying 2 Meet U Movie Website for more information.

And even though "Driving Nowhere" is still in production (almost finished!) with my production company, I'm proud to say that the script I wrote won Best Horror Short Script at the International Indie Gathering in August 2012 in Hudson, OH.  The film is almost completed and we've already been editing footage.  Look for the second trailer coming within the next week or two :)

For more info, visit Driving Nowhere Movie Website

In addition to the completion of "Driving Nowhere" that's planned for 2013, look out for "Cyclical Effect" (Faux Pas Films).  I have a fun scene in the role of Anna and my song "Ghost" is featured in the film.  And look for the newest project with Ghost Walk Productions, "The Dawson War."  This film is meant to be a sequel to "The Farm" and Jason and I were asked to write an original song for the film. 

Faux Pas Films has also just released the second trailer for "Cycical Effect".  Check it out on Horror Bug.

And speaking of original music, five new songs are in the works for my second album.  We may be bringing you video from the studio via my YouTube Channel.  So stay tuned for that at my Youtube Channel

There are also a couple film projects that I'm not mentioning yet due to it being a little too early to say anything on them.  But stay tuned for news on those :)

And check out some appearance, shows, and screenings that are planned for 2013 at the SHOWS AND APPEARANCES Page.

More dates should be added and I also plan to finally have my new website up and running this year.  My new website will also have a section dedicated to my writing along with my "Bloodlines" (working title) novel series I'm currently writing.

And check out my ebay store for my END OF 2012 sale as I make room for new merchandise :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013 so far.  That's all for now :)