Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tiffany's 31 Days of Halloween Calendar Day 2

So in addition to all the horror/sci-fi/fantasy films out there, what else can help enhance the Halloween season?  Music, of course.  And one of m favorite albums to listen to at this time of year is the 1985 debut album of the goth/darkwave/synthpop band, Clan of Xymox (also simply known as Xymox).  There is just something about this album that makes driving through a fall evening with the semi-barren trees and the moon in the night sky with this album playing on the car stereo that just really sets a mood.  Even driving it on a cloudy, autumn day sets a real tone for the season.  The album has a dark, nostalgic, other-worldly sound to it.  Some of my favorite songs on it are "7th Time", "Stranger," and "No Human Can Drown."

You can pick up the album and listen to samples at Amazon.

And here is a photo from the 2012 Indie Gathering taken with the awesome people from Ghost Walk Productions.  Not only did my "Driving Nowhere" script win Best Horror Short Script, but the first film effort from Ghost Walk won for Best Horror Short Film!  The film is a supernatural ghost story (based on actual events) titled "The Farm" and two songs off of my album "Poet" are included on the film's soundtrack.

Check out more at The Farm's Official Website

Stay tuned for Day 3 on my 31 Days of Halloween Calendar..

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