Monday, October 1, 2012

Tiffany's 31 Days of Halloween Calendar Day 1 and Intro

With October ushering in the Halloween season, I will be presenting Tiffany's 31 Days of Halloween on my official blog, my webzine blog, my tumblr account, and (occasionally) my podcast!  So you will have a couple different channels to catch it on.  My 31 Days of Halloween will include photos from Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy related events, and I'll tell you what I'm watching/listening to this Halloween season.  I also may put in a review or two of a couple Halloween/Haunted attractions.

So onto Day 1.  Today as I got some work done, I watched the indie vampire flick "Tainted."  This film is part of a 'Triple B Header' DVD distributed by Troma Entertainment.  This film definitely has a charm to it.  Is it the greatest film ever made?  No, it isn't by any means.  But made in the mid/late 1990s, there is a bit of nostalgia that comes with it as it harkens back to a time where things like video rental stores were the norm when it came to entertainment instead of a more obscure oddity.  It's enough to entertain and comes with two other films on the DVD: "Sucker: The Vampire" and "Rockabilly Vampire."

You can pick up the DVD at the Troma Shop and add it to your Halloween watchlist!

And, here is a photo of me with Doug Bradley (notably of the Hellraiser films) at Horror Realm Convention.  One thing I love about being a guest at these things is getting to meet and hang with some awesome people in the industry.  A longtime fan of the Hellraiser films, it was an honor to finally meet "Pinhead."  Photo is courtesy of Henry Tjernlund.

And check out my Interview at my webzine with "The Crow" actress, Rochelle Davis, whom I also met at Horror Realm.  She was also my 'table neighbor'!
Music's Underworld Rochelle Davis Interview

Stay tuned for Day 2 on my 31 Days of Halloween Calendar!  Catch it here, at the Music's Underworld Webzine Blog, my Tumblr Page, and the Entertainment's Underworld Podcast!

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