Thursday, October 11, 2012

PSA: My Merchandise

Hi everyone,

My ebay store and my regular store are temporarily closed until the end of Halloween.  I am a little bummed about doing this because I would have loved to have had some cool deals for the Halloween season.  But, with a hectic schedule between filming, events, among other things, I cannot guarantee getting to the post office on a regular basis to ship things in a timely fashion. 

Also, I'm DANGEROUSLY low on copies of my album, "Poet" and I need to stretch what I have as much as possible to get me through these last few October events.  I have to get a new pressing company because the one I was using was bought out and they don't seem to be pressing CDs anymore.  And that is something I'd rather do over the holidays/winter when I'm taking a break from events and shows.  You can still download the album at iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers.  You can also get physical copies at distributors: CDBaby, Nimbit Music, and Amazon.

After Halloween, I'll have a Holiday/End of year 'cleaning out the closet' sale going on at both my ebay store and regular store.  Meaning all the merch I still have left after the Halloween events will be available at a marked down price as I'm planning for a new store in the new year.

Welp, that's all on that end.  Check out my October dates and stay tuned for my eleventh day of Halloween! :)


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