Saturday, July 7, 2012

My 'Love/Hate' Relatioship with the Industry and How I Reached a Balance With Everything Part 1

Hey all,

Some late night reflections :)

As I embark on new projects and have passed projects being finished and released, I've been really reflecting on my experience in the industry up until this point (both good and bad).  Late at night is normally when things are quiet enough for me to think on things and come to grips and I have been doing much of that lately.  I think I'm at a point right now where everything is starting to come full circle and things that where once a bother or a nuisance are really no longer an issue.  I'm at a point now where I can start to really feel ok about where I'm at and where things seem to be going.  I'm beginning to see years of work and sacrifice starting to pay off.  I have more confidence now to go ahead with projects I've been wanting to do (eg. writing/directing/producing my own film, writing a novel) and I feel that people are really starting to see me for me and (as cliche as this sounds) take me seriously (yes, that can be a difficult feat for a female in the industry.  And yes, it's been a struggle.  Hard? Yes.  Worth it?  Yes, as well.  I made some smart choices and some not so smart choices.  Some people I've met proved valuable to me and others were more of a hindrance.  But in a way, each and every one of those experiences and people had their value...

More tomorrow on this as I'll be able to think and write more clearly and coherently after sleep:) 

Til tomorrow:)

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