Thursday, June 21, 2012

Indiegogo Campaign for Bus Monitor, Karen Klein

Hey guys,

This indiegogo campaign has nothing to do with me or my projects, but it is something I feel is very important. I'm not sure of how many people are aware of the video that contains a bunch of piece of shit (IMHO) middle school kids brutally harassing a 68 year old bus monitor named Karen Klein. From what I can tell, the campaign is legit and it is to help send her on a vacation or do what she (Karen) wants with the money raised. A kind gesture for a human being who seems to give so much yet take alot of abuse. No one with that kind of a heart deserves that. Karen is a human being. She has a family, friends, and feelings and unfortunatly we live in a society where parents would rather bribe their children than actually BE PARENTS. We live in a world where pretentious, self entitled parents breed pretentious, self-entitled kids. I highly doubt these kids will see consequences for their actions, but we can show Karen support. The video is disgusting if you can even stomach watching it (I actually cried watching part of it). So to those considering procreating: how about parenting your child, teaching them respect for others. And if you can't handle that? Well then it's the rest of the world a favor and don't have kids.

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