Thursday, October 27, 2011

Film DVD Releases, Screenings, and Music News

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Here are some updates on upcoming Film Releases to DVD, Screenings, and Music News:


THE GIRL (Oct. 11, 2011)
Eerie Frequency Entertainment in association with Sound Video Production presents "The Girl" being released to DVD through Picturedactyl Distribution.  In this film, I play the role of Kara and two songs off of my debut full length album, "Poet" are featured on the film's soundtrack: "Whispers" and "Warrior."  The film is a horror thriller also starring Lisa Neeld, Debbie Rochon, Lonni Gary, Mark Cray, Scot Cummings, Robert Z'Dar, Conrad Brooks, Matt Jefferson, and many other talented people.  The film was edited by Emmy nominee, Holly Sechrist and I share the soundtrack with Samantha Newark (aka Jem/Jerricha of the 1980s cartoon Jem and the Holograms), Derrick Wray, and Gein and the Gravers.

For more info on "The Girl", visit

The film will be available at select retail stores soon, but you can currently purchase the film at the Picturdactly Store:

"The Girl" DVD will also be available at the Halloween Horror Expo on October 29 & 30, 2011 for a special price of $5.00!  Members of the cast and crew will also be there.  Visit for more info.

SLASHERS GONE WILD  (Oct 14, 2011)
World Parody Productions presents a film along the lines of "Hostel" and the "Saw" movies with some comedic elements that also stars stage/film/daytime soap actress, Robyn Griggs.  It is being distributed through Maxim Media International and I play the part of Jessica Peters, an internet/computer hacker who stumbles upon much more than she bargained for...

For more info, visit

The film is also available on Amazon and Family Video .

THE FARM short version (Oct 29, 2011)
Ghost Walk Productions present the supernatural thriller based on a true story, "The Farm."  This DVD, however, is the short or featurette version of what will be the feature length version.  The film is currently self distributed by Ghost Walk and stars Alana Kaniewski, John Chiara, Holly Neelie, Richard T. Phillis, Malik Ali, Janine Bowles Sarnowski, and Joel David Anger.  In this film, I'm featured on the soundtrack with the songs "Ghost (Persephone's Netherrealm Remix)" and "Black Forest."

For more information, visit the film's website at

The film is also available at the Ghost Walk merch store:  Ghost Walk Mercantile

The DVD can also be purchased at the film's premiere on October 29 at the haunted farm at which it was filmed.  Visit the website at the link abover for more info and the FILM SCREENINGS in this post below for more info:)

Kiss of Death Productions in association with zDiet3 Productions present a dark, twisted comedy thriller about an evil spirit that possesses a seedy photographer who lures models to their doom.  The film will be distributed by World Wide Mulitmedia and also stars Laura Romeo and Angelo Brunii.  I play the role of Darlene Jakes, a very naive and painfully talkative wannabe model.

More info will be given as time gets closer to the distribution date in the spring of 2012.


Clips from the film, "The Girl" will be played throughout the Halloween Horror Expo.  For more information on the events and screenings, visit the Halloween Horror Expo Events Page.

The short version of "The Farm" will be premiering at The Haunted Farm at 8pm on October 29.  The address is 5450 Old Millersport Road NE  Pleasantville, OH 42148.  Visit and for more info on directions and the film.

The film will be making it's premiere at the Killer Film Festival Online on October 29-Nov 2.  For more info, visit The Killer Film Fest Online Page .  Each time block opens at 5pm.


I will also be working on some new recordings with my good friend, Chuck Owston, for the Christmas and Winter Holidays.  Release dates to come soon.

One thing I do try to do for fans wishing to obtain recordings of my album, singles, and EPs is to make it as affordable as possible to do that.  While we do have our standard retail prices, I try to also offer merchandise at discounted prices as well.  This was my reasoning behind starting my ebay store for physical CDs and merch, but now (thanks to Bandcamp) I've found a way to also offer discounted digital downloads.  At my Bandcamp store, I am giving fans a chance to pay what they want to pay for the music with minimum payment for singles at twenty cents, EPs at $1.00 and full length albums at $2.00.  Pay the base minimum or "pay up" if you wish to.  Basically, you choose the price beginning with the base minimum:)

Visit my Bandcamp store at

I currently only have two of my releases there, but will be putting up my other ones there in the next 1-2 weeks:)

Thanks everyone and please continue to support independent art:)

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