Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Rogue Cinema...

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Some of you probably know that I am now one of the writers at Rogue Cinema .  Those who have read some of my blogposts and are on my Facebook Page most likely get the idea that my brain is constantly in ponder mode and always churning out some type of thought or stimulating a conversation in some way shape of form.  My first endeavors at the webzine include a review of the thriller, "Indemnity" and a short titled "Choices."  But I'll also be writing articles exploring some rather interesting topics (or at least I find them interesting).  Most likely it'll be one of these articles each month.  Here are the first three I'm planning on doing:

You Mean You Want to Make a Living???  Imagine That!

I got the idea for this article from several indie filmmakers/musicians/writers/actors/etc.  It appears that indie artists tend to get flack from fans for trying to (Heaven forbid) make a living at what we do.  Like there are those who seem to think that we just snap our fingers and our resources and projects are met.  What they don't realize is all the overhead and work that goes into our projects.  This article will explore and explain the work, time, and money involved in putting together an indie project.  It will also explore the attitude that some have that everything should just be "free"  and WHY such a thing is typically unrealistic and not feasible at all for the artist in question.

The Skewed Lines of Pornography

This is perhaps one of my favorite topics.  I always find it fascinating talking with movie-goers and hearing what a person considers to be "porn."  For some, porn is defined by things high in the eroticism factor, a XXX rating, and pretty much anything that a company like Vivid would put out or anything you would see at the AVNs.  For others, the threshold is a bit lower and then you have those (and I'm sure we've all met 'em) who would look at a Victoria Secret lingerie or pajama ad and call it porn.  My intention is to explore the dictionary definition of the words pornography and eroticism as I'm finding that the word porn seems to be thrown about and overused.  It seems that if someone doesn't understand a piece of work (this is particularly in film) and it depicts more violence or a scenario of a sexual nature that is more than they can handle, they seem to want to match the piece with the "P word"...sometimes rightfully so and sometimes not...but either way, people seem to love to throw the "P word" out there...

Sensationalism: When Hype is Valued Over Substance

I've gotten into many discussions on facebook with this topic.  How we as a general society went from valuing artistry in music and film to allowing hype from the media to define our tastes.  While hype has always been there, it seems to be a driving force now more than ever...

I'm looking forward to writing these and thank Duane Martin for the opportunity:)

AND while you're at it check me out as the my feature in this month's issue!

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