Saturday, July 2, 2011

Newly Revamped Web Blog:)

Hi all,

As you can see I did some rennovations to this web blog to hopefully make it a little more user friendly.  As I state in the blog's disclaimer above that this does not replace my official website, but serves as a secondary site that allows me to not only keep you up to date on what is going on with me professionally, but also where I can rattle off the many thoughts, opinions, and stories that lurk deep within the dark abysses of my brain.  While I do and always will enjoy getting into 'round table topic discussions' on Facebook, it's difficult to really get into much detail due to the nature of the site.  The blog will simply pick up where I leave off there:)  And even with professional updates, it can be quite difficult keeping updates in sight on facebook, twitter, and other sites like it.   

I've also added other sections to this blog such as one for shows and appearance schedules, photos, links, and an FAQ section that is still under construction but will be up soon.  I even included a merchandise section.  A couple of my 8x11s are in there and more will be added soon.

I hope you like the newly revamped weblog and think of it as a slightly less formal version of my website;)  If you want something a little more formal, visit and if you want something a little more random, stay right here (but feel free to visit the official site as well).

Thank you for visiting and please come back again an often:)

To my American friends and fans, Happy 4th of July!  To everyone else, have a lovely weekend.


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