Friday, May 27, 2011

New Music for the Summer!

Hello everyone,

Summer is almost here and with that, there will be new musical releases.  A little while back, I mentioned that I was toying with the idea of doing a different version of "Scarborough Fair."  As some of you know, we did a gothic/celtic rock version of the song on my first full length album, "Poet."  The thing is that when I was first setting out to cover the song on the album, the original intention was to do a dark, acoustic folk version of the song, but it obviously ended up taking a different turn in the end.  I still wanted to do the original idea of what I had in mind for the song, and with my Living Room Sessions, I figured this would be a good time to do it.  So there will soon be a new Living Room Session on my YouTube Channel and the new version of "Scarborough Fair" will be released as a summer single digitally via Bandcamp's distribution.  Normally, I use CDBaby as far as distribution goes but I'd like to try Bandcamp with some of my smaller releases since I've also heard good things about them.  Like CDBaby, Bandcamp also distributes to iTunes and other major digital retailers.  I may offer some limited physical copies during the month after it's release like I did with the "Greensleeves" single this passed Christmas.  I will be joined by Chuck Owston again on this one:)

And while on the subject of limited physical releases, we do plan to do a limited run of physical CD copies of the first Living Room Sessions EP, "Heart Song."  But since I've been getting requests for some physical copies already, we are going to do a limited time offer of promo copies of the EP throughout the month of June.  The only cost would be shipping which for many people would only be a few bucks.  Just a little Beginning of Summer Special that we are running:D  Please note though that these are promo copies and come in sleeves as opposed to fully packaged jewel cases that the actual later limited run will be in.

If you would like a copy of the promo CD for the "Heart Song" EP, please shoot me an email saying so at the address and I will get back to you on the cost of shipping and payment method.  I normally accept paypal, but if you do not have paypal, we can arrange another form of payment.

I'll also be working on a song in Russian, but more on that later:)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

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