Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poetry Book Updates and Exclusive Free Single

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As a thank you to all those on the mailing list, we are offering THREE exclusive free downloads of "Ghost" (off of POET), the 2010 Holiday Single, "Greensleeves," and the newest single "Three Pale Queens (Acoustic Live Version)".  Just enter your email address (we do not share info with outside sources) in the box below to be on the mailing list and get the free music:)

As I also posted previously, I had the idea to work on and release a poetry book due to the fact that I have accumulated so much of my written poetry in journals throughout the years.  Some of these ended up appearing in one form or another on POET.  I'm also certain some of these poems will also be used for future songs, but many of them will not.  I still wanted to share them so I got the idea in my head to put out a poetry book.  Well, since I last posted about it, the book has gone underway.  After researching some independent publishing options, many have seemed to have good experiences with .  I then began pouring through the poetry and I will say alot of it was not easy to read.  Much of the poetry was written during a very dark period in my life.  Some of the poems written as early as high school and others just a few years ago.  I'm also including the original poetry for the songs, "Ghost" and "Porcelain Doll."  "Ghost" is actually a configuration of several poems and "Porcelain Doll" is pretty similar to the lyrics on the album, but there were changes made to the original poem to fit the music Jason was coming up with.

The poetry book is going to be titled "Thick Jagged Scars" and the literary content of the book is pretty much complete in the templates.  I also came up with a photos theme for the book and will be working on photos for the book with photographer, Tim Harshman.  That will be a fun shoot:D  I'll be making fake scar tissue:D  I've already done my own makeup for photo/music video/film shoots, so now I can add special effects to my resume:P  And finally, any poetry/photo book wouldn't be complete without a new song to go with it.  The song is going to be derived from one of the poems either from the poetry book itself or a poem not used in the poetry book.  For this I will be collaborating with Melody Joy.  Melody's specialty in music is electronic.  I picture a sort of brooding, edgy, teetering on gothic electronic song for the "Thick Jagged Scars" Project.  Melody also has her own projects out as well.  Check her out at

I'm aiming to have the "Thick Jagged Scars" project released this summer.

There are alot of things on the horizon that we are working on including my second full length album, "Elements," the first Living Room Sessions EP, and a couple other projects.  We are always keeping busy to keep you all entertained:)


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