Friday, August 13, 2010

Radio play, Film Soundtracks, more news (Continued)

Hi everyone,

(Continued from "Indie Gathering Recap")

In addition to Uncensored Net Noize, the songs are also getting airplay at IMRadio:

and on the recently debuted The Nation Radio Show hosted by Javon Bates of Tomahawk Records on 1490 AM Cleveland Monday nights at 11pm or stream it at . You can also visit the Tomahawk Records website at and click on "The Nation Radio Show" to listen. Thank you to Javon Bates for his support from the beginning and the folks at IMRadio.

I also received word from the folks at Eerie Frequency Entertainment and Sound Video Productions that songs "Warrior" and "Whispers" from POET will be used in the soundtrack of the upcoming indie film "The Girl" starring Debbie Rochon, Ari Lehman, Robert Z'Dar, and Lisa Neeld. Jason and I also both have parts in the film as the characters Chuck and Kara. On top of that, "Warrior" and "Whispers" will also be sharing the soundtrack with Samantha Newark who was also the actress/singer who voiced the character Jem from the 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms! Pretty cool! Check out the trailer for "The Girl":

We'll keep you updated on releases and screenings:)

Also congrats to July's contest winners in entering to win a signed copy of POET: Rick Shears of Ohio and D.Rutter of New Hampshire. The August Contest in going on so enter for a chance to win a signed copy of POET at

You can also sign up for the "Messages from the Labyrinth" Mailing List and recieve updates before they are posted to the web, be entered in a monthly drawing to win a piece of merchandise, the occaisional free mp3, and be among the first to hear songs from the upcoming second album, Elements! This month in honor of the music video for "Scarborough Fair" winning at The Indie Gathering, we are offering the "Scarborough Fair" mp3 free to those on the mailing list throughout the month of August! In September, we plan to begin also having mini listening parties where mailing list recipients will be able to listen and preview songs that are to be on my forthcoming second album. If you are interested in subscribing (and you can unsub at any time), sign up at

You can also sign up for the street team there too if you want to help out more:) We also have "Street Team Armies" on MySpace and Facebook. Take a look at our concert schedule there too (until the website is back up and running). Concerts and appearances are also listed on sites like Pollstar, Bandloop, Jambase, Songkick, TourVolume, Eventful, and other concert listing websites. Unfortunatly due to issues with the venue, the Boo Fest event had to be canceled this year. But we are playing a new Halloween party/show put on by Mystical Treasures in Darlington, PA. Visit for ticket info and details. This show will take place October 30.

Well, this was a bit of a longwinded post but I think I got everything in:) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


PS- Also my friend and fellow singer/actress Robyn Griggs released her solo CD, SCREAM. Help her with her upcoming tour by visiting

Listen to samples of Robyn's music at

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