Friday, August 13, 2010

Indie Gathering Recap

Hi everyone,

I know I'm getting to my updates a little late this month. The last couple weeks have been crazy (I STILL need to send out the snail mail version of my monthly newsletter) between the Jay Rossi Project TV event and the Indie Gathering/Star Awards both in the Cleveland, OH area. Now we are gearing up for our Sadie Rene's show in Akron/North Canton, OH next Sunday but we are having a blast nonetheless:)

The Indie Gathering was an amazing time and we met some truly awesome people. Some of these meetings resulted in some fun and interesting collaborations and projects in the near future. Can't say too much yet until everything is worked out and "dotted lines are signed" but of course we'll keep you posted:) It was an honor to also accept the Star Award for the music video for our adaptation of "Scarborough Fair" off of my album POET as I was not only in the video as the musical artist and actress, but also co-directing, scene writing, costumes, and props. Much credit also goes to Jason English, Zane Hersherberger, Sabrina, Ginger, Adam Hersherberger, and Tori & Lexi Hersherberger for all their amazing work. Also props to Rowen Poole and Persephone's Dream for allowing us use of their backdrops, lights, and some costume pieces and props. Couldn't have done it without all of you:) We (Jason and I) were also interviewed on The Sunday Hangover Radio show. Sunday Hangover Show is part of the internet radio station, Morning Show Central based out of Cleveland, OH. There is video of the interview on my YouTube Channel:

You can also hear/see the interview (probably a much better audio version of it plus Jason's interview) by visiting and clicking on the show for The Indie Gathering or August 8, 2010. While you're at it, check out Morning Show Central: and the show Uncensored Net Noize as songs from POET will soon be getting played on that show:) A big thank you to Ray, everyone at the Indie Gathering, and the fine gentlemen at Morning Show Central!

To be continued...


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