Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Concerts and Appearances: The Indie Gathering and Star Awards

This set of photos was taken at the 2010 Indie Gathering and Star Awards that took place at the Holiday Inn Select in Westlake, OH. This year, our music video for the adaptation of "Scarborough Fair" off of POET won first place at the Indie Gathering's Star Awards in the Open Music Video Category. It was and honor since not only was I the singer/actress in the video but I also co-directed, wrote the scenes, did the costumes and props. Jason also played a major part in the making of the music video as did Sabrina with makeup, Zane Hersherberger as cinematographer and DP, Adam Hersherberger, Ginger, and Tori and Lexie Hersherberger:) In the photos Jason "snorts cocaine", Jason flaunts our award, and I do a little victory pose as we prepare to leave that Sunday.

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