Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starting to prep for fall shows. The Halloween shows will be especially fun. Costumes, setlists, stage blocking, etc.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attending friends' Persephone's Dream's CD release party for their 5th album "Pan: An Urban Pastoral" at the Succop Theatre in Butler, PA.
My 3 signed Halloween Edition photos relisted:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our friends Persephone's Dream's CD release for their 5th album, "Pan: An Urban Pastoral":
My album sold out again at the Femme Metal store in the UK! Woohoo!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late night workout. That's what happens when the days are insane. And shout out to Rockstars Glued for their continued support:)

Concert at Sadie Rene's in North Canton/Akron, OH

Photo by Jeff Stoll

More Photos of the Sadie Rene's Concert in Akron/North Canton, OH

Photos from the concert at Sadie Rene's in North Canton/Akron, OH courtesy of Jeff Stoll.

Concert at Sadie Rene's in North Canton/Akron, OH

8/22/10 courtesy of my flip:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Check out some video footage of our concert at Sadie Rene's in Akron/North Canton, OH:

Wonderful friend and fan, Nioka and her Bride of Chucky Doll:D

Monster Mania 2007-Posing with a great fan and friend and her Bride of Chucky (Tiffany) doll:)

Tiffany Apan and Ron Newcomer

Dark Xmas 2006

Jason and I with Bill and Whisper; Cinema Wasteland 2007

More for the friends and fans photos:)

Photos from Sadie Rene's Show in Akron/North Canton, OH

Hi all,

Enjoy some photos from our 8/22/2010 show in North Canton/Akron, OH at Sadie Rene's:) There is more to come!

Photos from Sadie Rene's Concert in Akron/North Canton, OH

Hi all,

Here are some more photos from the show at Sadie Rene's in Akron/North Canton, OH. Some of these photos are courtesy of Jeff Stoll and others are stills from my flip:) We may post some more. Enjoy!
Uploading video and photos from Sadie Rene's show in Akron/North Canton, OH:)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going through the song set for tomorrow's show at Sadie Rene's in Akron/North Canton, OH. Get more info at
Songs are being played tonight AND a featured artist on IMRadio:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Can't say too much yet, but check out this company I'll be working with:) Jason too!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice Merch deals, upcoming shows, August Contest Drawing, Yahoo Group

Hi everyone,

Just filling you in on a couple things:

First, we have some pretty good merch deals going on now. The CDBaby Summer Sale is extended until LABOR DAY so if you haven't taken advantage yet now is the time to do so before the album goes back to it's regular retail price on CDBaby.

Visit my page on CDBaby at

Also, we're getting into the spirit of Halloween by putting up 3 of my personally signed 8x11s with a Halloween season theme up on ebay until November 1 (or while supplies last) for only $5.00 (which is pretty much the cost of my packaging and shipping in the US). You can also bid on the photos and the bid starts out at $1.00 . A little Halloween treat for you guys:)

Visit the ebay page for the photos at

And speaking of Halloween, as some of you know, we have a new Halloween show/party we are playing at on Oct 30 in Darlington, PA at Big Beaver Firehall. As I mentioned, there will be a few items including a signed copy of my album and a sigend 8x11 being auctioned off for a pediatric cancer benefit. But we decided to take things up a notch be putting an entire Halloween Treat bag up for the auction. Items in the treat bag will include a signed copy of POET, the 3 mentioned Halloween themed 8x11s signed, an assortment of Halloween candles, a copy of the "Heart Song" demo (a song to be on my forthcoming second album), AND a few of my James Cheetham Zombie Photo Cookies. Last year I was one of the winners of Dark Fiction writer James Cheetham's Zombie Photo Cookie Model Search and I now have my own Zombie Cookie:) The cookie has been advertised in various publications in Canada and recently resurfaced in the most recent issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine. Some of the cookies will be in the treat bag (and we'll also have the cookies available as treats at all our Halloween shows). While you are at it, check out my Zombie Cookie at
Also we have some upcoming shows in August and September before our Halloween shows:

This Sunday on August 22, we will be playing Sadie Rene's in Akron, North Canton, OH at 9pm. Check out for more info.

Saturday September 18, we are playing at The Fall Frolic Festival in Milford, PA at Camp Netimus. Visit for more details.

And also there is still time to enter the August Contest Drawing for a chance to win a signed copy of my album POET. Visit

And last but not least, I have a new Yahoo Group up and running. This is mainly for fun, more interaction, poles, etc. Feel free to join it at

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and hope to see some of you at the show this Sunday:)

If you're in or around the Akron/Canton, OH area, my show at Sadie Rene's is this Sunday at 9pm:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Be the best, but get prepared to be attacked. Only mediocrity is safe."-Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trick or Treat! 3 of my signed Limited Halloween themed photos for $5.00:
Win a signed copy of my album POET! Enter here:
Robin Stone is 1 of the strongest women I've ever had the pleasure of playing a show with

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friend & fellow actress/singer released her CD SCREAM. Support her at

Friday, August 13, 2010

Radio play, Film Soundtracks, more news (Continued)

Hi everyone,

(Continued from "Indie Gathering Recap")

In addition to Uncensored Net Noize, the songs are also getting airplay at IMRadio:

and on the recently debuted The Nation Radio Show hosted by Javon Bates of Tomahawk Records on 1490 AM Cleveland Monday nights at 11pm or stream it at . You can also visit the Tomahawk Records website at and click on "The Nation Radio Show" to listen. Thank you to Javon Bates for his support from the beginning and the folks at IMRadio.

I also received word from the folks at Eerie Frequency Entertainment and Sound Video Productions that songs "Warrior" and "Whispers" from POET will be used in the soundtrack of the upcoming indie film "The Girl" starring Debbie Rochon, Ari Lehman, Robert Z'Dar, and Lisa Neeld. Jason and I also both have parts in the film as the characters Chuck and Kara. On top of that, "Warrior" and "Whispers" will also be sharing the soundtrack with Samantha Newark who was also the actress/singer who voiced the character Jem from the 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms! Pretty cool! Check out the trailer for "The Girl":

We'll keep you updated on releases and screenings:)

Also congrats to July's contest winners in entering to win a signed copy of POET: Rick Shears of Ohio and D.Rutter of New Hampshire. The August Contest in going on so enter for a chance to win a signed copy of POET at

You can also sign up for the "Messages from the Labyrinth" Mailing List and recieve updates before they are posted to the web, be entered in a monthly drawing to win a piece of merchandise, the occaisional free mp3, and be among the first to hear songs from the upcoming second album, Elements! This month in honor of the music video for "Scarborough Fair" winning at The Indie Gathering, we are offering the "Scarborough Fair" mp3 free to those on the mailing list throughout the month of August! In September, we plan to begin also having mini listening parties where mailing list recipients will be able to listen and preview songs that are to be on my forthcoming second album. If you are interested in subscribing (and you can unsub at any time), sign up at

You can also sign up for the street team there too if you want to help out more:) We also have "Street Team Armies" on MySpace and Facebook. Take a look at our concert schedule there too (until the website is back up and running). Concerts and appearances are also listed on sites like Pollstar, Bandloop, Jambase, Songkick, TourVolume, Eventful, and other concert listing websites. Unfortunatly due to issues with the venue, the Boo Fest event had to be canceled this year. But we are playing a new Halloween party/show put on by Mystical Treasures in Darlington, PA. Visit for ticket info and details. This show will take place October 30.

Well, this was a bit of a longwinded post but I think I got everything in:) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


PS- Also my friend and fellow singer/actress Robyn Griggs released her solo CD, SCREAM. Help her with her upcoming tour by visiting

Listen to samples of Robyn's music at

Indie Gathering Recap

Hi everyone,

I know I'm getting to my updates a little late this month. The last couple weeks have been crazy (I STILL need to send out the snail mail version of my monthly newsletter) between the Jay Rossi Project TV event and the Indie Gathering/Star Awards both in the Cleveland, OH area. Now we are gearing up for our Sadie Rene's show in Akron/North Canton, OH next Sunday but we are having a blast nonetheless:)

The Indie Gathering was an amazing time and we met some truly awesome people. Some of these meetings resulted in some fun and interesting collaborations and projects in the near future. Can't say too much yet until everything is worked out and "dotted lines are signed" but of course we'll keep you posted:) It was an honor to also accept the Star Award for the music video for our adaptation of "Scarborough Fair" off of my album POET as I was not only in the video as the musical artist and actress, but also co-directing, scene writing, costumes, and props. Much credit also goes to Jason English, Zane Hersherberger, Sabrina, Ginger, Adam Hersherberger, and Tori & Lexi Hersherberger for all their amazing work. Also props to Rowen Poole and Persephone's Dream for allowing us use of their backdrops, lights, and some costume pieces and props. Couldn't have done it without all of you:) We (Jason and I) were also interviewed on The Sunday Hangover Radio show. Sunday Hangover Show is part of the internet radio station, Morning Show Central based out of Cleveland, OH. There is video of the interview on my YouTube Channel:

You can also hear/see the interview (probably a much better audio version of it plus Jason's interview) by visiting and clicking on the show for The Indie Gathering or August 8, 2010. While you're at it, check out Morning Show Central: and the show Uncensored Net Noize as songs from POET will soon be getting played on that show:) A big thank you to Ray, everyone at the Indie Gathering, and the fine gentlemen at Morning Show Central!

To be continued...


2010 Concerts and Appearances: The Indie Gathering and Star Awards

This set of photos was taken at the 2010 Indie Gathering and Star Awards that took place at the Holiday Inn Select in Westlake, OH. This year, our music video for the adaptation of "Scarborough Fair" off of POET won first place at the Indie Gathering's Star Awards in the Open Music Video Category. It was and honor since not only was I the singer/actress in the video but I also co-directed, wrote the scenes, did the costumes and props. Jason also played a major part in the making of the music video as did Sabrina with makeup, Zane Hersherberger as cinematographer and DP, Adam Hersherberger, Ginger, and Tori and Lexie Hersherberger:) In the photos Jason "snorts cocaine", Jason flaunts our award, and I do a little victory pose as we prepare to leave that Sunday.

2010 Concerts and Appearances: A couple more Jay Rossi TV Project Photos

Photos with myself, Jay Rossi, and singer/songwriter Gina Pilotti along with my favorite MUSIC=LIFE bag from Hot Topic:D

2010 Concerts and Appearances: The Jay Rossi Project TV Event

These are photos from the Jay Rossi Project TV Event that took place on July 30, 2010 in Cleveland, OH at The Clevelander Bar and Grill. In these photos, Jason gets prettied up for his 'close up,' and some photos after the show with Jay Rossi, Gina Pilotti, Michele Ward, and some other cool people we had the privelege of meeting:)

2010 Concert and Apprearances Photos: Live on Paranexus Unvierse Radio at Farnam Manor in Richfield, OH

This past spring, we were brought to Farnam Manor in Richfield, OH for an excavation. Jason and I were brought in to actually use my songs "Lost Little Girl" and "Lullabye" as part of the excavation particularly for the spirit of a little girl, Emily Farnam (I sung both songs live and acapella. There is video footage on my YouTube Channel: ). The excavation was live on ParaNexus Radio and John Sabol, the rest of the paranormal investigation team and myself were interviewed too. Below are photos of Farnam Manor and Jason with John Sabol.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Songs "Warrior" and "Whispers" to be on the soundtrack for the film "The Girl". Check out the film!
Just found out that I'm on a film soundtrack with the actress/singer who voiced Jem from the 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms:)
Halloween show for Mystical Treasures Halloween Party! A signed copy of POET and 8x11 will be part of a charity auction.
Check out info on the new Halloween show in Darlington, PA:

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Halloween Zombie Photo Cookie from last year resurfaced in Girls and Corpses Magazine:
Me happily accepting the Indie Gathering Star Award for the "Scarborough Fair" music video:
Part 2 of my interview on "The Sunday Hangover" Radio Show:
Part 1 of my interview on "The Sunday Hangover" Radio show:

Indie Gathering and "Sunday Hangover" Radio Show Video footage

Hi everyone,

I'll be updating and typing up the August newsletter very soon, but here is some video footage from the Indie Gathering I caught on my flip:) The videos consist of an interview on the Cleveland, OH radio show "The Sunday Hangover" and a short little clip of the acceptance of the Indie Gathering's Star Award for the "Scarborough Fair" music video. More later on:)

Tiffany Apan Interview on "The Sunday Hangover" Part 1 and 2:

The Indie Gathering's Star Award:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quickly answering comments from the hotel room:)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Screening the "Scarborough Fair" music video at the Indie Gathering:

A quick hi from the indie gathering

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note from the Indie Gathering:) I snuck my flip camera into the screening of the "Scarborough Fair" music video. There were some amazing music videos shown and I'm happy to have had mine screened along with them:) I'll get on the August newsletter and updates when we are back from the Gathering:)


Good morning world! About to hit the open road! If you can stop by the Indie Gathering:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Coffee and packing for Westlake, OH (Indie Gathering). :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Indie Gathering Fest and Award Show this weekend:) Also music being spun on IMRadio and The Nation Radio. More info coming soon:)
Today: Errands, worked on songs for 2nd album, scheduling radio interviews, and new Halloween show with details coming together:)