Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Ghost" Selected as Pastintel theme, Win some merch, and more!

Hi everyone,

Can't believe May is here already! Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and 2010 so far. We played our first two shows on the 2010 Mini Tour at the Paranormal Conference in Koppel, PA and the PA May Faire in Reading, PA. Both were a blast and we have footage of the May Faire at the Tiffany Apan YouTube Channel including a performance of "Heart Song" from the forthcoming second album "Elements" currently in production. Check out the videos at

The music videos are also receiving rotation on another new TV Station: Music Mayhem TV. Check them out at http://ping.fm/dOpN2

I also realized that there are Tiffany Apan pages on MTV.com , Billboard.com , and JPop.com . There isn't a whole lot on the pages, but if you're curious have a look here:)




The song "Ghost" off of 'Poet' was also chosen to be the new theme song of Pastintel Paranormal Research on their site and multimedia projects. Norma of Pastintel also did a nice interview with me a little bit after my performance at the PA May Faire as we braved the heat some more:D We're very happy that "Ghost" was chosen and you can have a look at the interview here:


Have a look at the rest of their site too.

I'm also the Featured Artist of the Week on the Musical Goddesses website. We'll be putting together the second Musical Goddesses iTunes iMix this month (with the intention of putting out a new iMix each month). Check out the new editions to the Musical Goddesses website:


We'll be announcing our first winner at the end of the month. At the end of each month we'll have a drawing for one person to win a free piece of merchandise and being on the mailing list automatically qualifies you. Just a thanks for putting up with my emails:)

Enter to win a free piece of merchandise each month and stay up to date on the latest news:


And speaking of freebies, we are still giving away the "Heart Song" Demo CD free with ANY purchase at our shows on the 2010 mini tour. Whether you buy and album or a 50 cent button, you get the "Heart Song" demo. So be sure to make it out to a show!

Well, we continue to work on the second album and there are some more cool projects in store down the road, so stay tuned:)

That's all for now folks:)


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