Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Double your chances at winning a copy of "Poet"!

Hey all,

As some of you know, being signed up for my monthly mailing list automatically enrolls you in a monthly drawing to win a piece of merchandise (which may sometimes be a copy of my debut album, "Poet") each month. Well, in addition to that, we have created a contest in which you can win a copy of "Poet." The contest is powered by Fanbridge (who also powers my mailing list).

If you are already on the mailing list, you may also enter the Tiffany Apan Official Contest by signing up for the contest. Keep in mind that the contest is not another mailing list and you will only be updated when we announce a winner or if there are any changes made to the contest. And like the mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time!

If you are not on the regular mailing list and would like regular updates as well as an increased chance of winning merchandise, you can sign up for both the mailing list and the contest. Or if you only want to sign up for the contest, that's fine too. Whatever you prefer:)

You may sign up for my Mailing List at the link below to recieve regular updates and be entered in a monthly drawing for merchandise:

You may also sign up for the Official Contest to be in a drawing to win a copy of "Poet":

As always, we thank you very much for the support and hopw to continue to bring you music in the years to come:)

Tiffany Apan

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