Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Mini Tour and other news, Gonzo the Turtle

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Lots to update:) Well, first the end of this month marks the beginning of the 2010 Concert Mini Tour. The tour is as follows:

April 24-25 Paranormal Conference Koppel, PA
May 1 PA May Faire Leesport, PA
May 3 WVQC "Catacombs" Cincinnati, OH
Aug 7-8 The Indie Gathering Westlake, OH
Sept 18 Fall Frolic Festival Milford, PA
Sept 25-26 Boo Fest 2010 Lake Conneaut,PA

This schedule also includes radio and tv performances and appearances that will involve the public. There may be one or two more shows being added so stay tuned:) You can also find more information on these shows at the Shows Page of my website:

You can also check my myspace page for more details.

Concerts are also listed on ArtistData, Songkick, Jambase, Pollstar, eviesays, and other concert listing sites. Just enter my name into the search engine on the sites. The show will continue songs from "Poet", songs from the forthcoming second album, and some other favorite songs.

I also received word that the song "Ghost" won three awards on Garageband's website! The song won Track of the Day for April 3, 2010. It also won Best Female Vocal and Best Mood for the week of April 5, 2010.

After a bit of a hiatus and some reorganization, the new Street Team is up and running. It is a new user friendly website where members can set up profiles and it gives them the option of promoting "on the street" or with widgets on the internet. We are still ironing out a few kinks, but you can join the street team at The Tiffany Apan Street Team Website . We will still keep the facebook and myspace pages as backup. Those of you who are already members, we still have your info for mailing promo items so all you need to do is create a profile at the new website:)

We also now have a new fan forum powered by the Femme Metal Site. You can sign up at Tiffany Apan Forums.

In some other cool news, I was recently asked to record a classical/new song for a charity project. This is something I'm really excited about and will give more info as it is given.

And last but DEFINITLY not least, I came across a wonderful animal rescue story today about a snapping turtle hatchling named Gonzo. Minutes after Gonzo was hatched, he was unable to make it to the pond with the rest of his family. He was nearly frozen to death when he was found, rescued, and given a home. Please check out the website dedicated to this extraordinary little animal at The Gonzo the Turtle Website where you can also join Gonzo on Facebook. Gonzo is also on YouTube and Twitter . Show this adorable little turtle some love:)

Gonzo Website

Gonzo Twitter

Gonzo YouTube

Have a great remainder of the weekend,

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