Thursday, March 25, 2010

Airplay on The Noize, Compilation,

Hi everyone,

Through correspondance with the internet DJ Cyber Music Lover, I was informed that he was spinning the music from "Poet" on 965 The Noize. You can check out this station's website and put in a much appreciated request for your favorite song from "Poet" (and hopefully in the not so distant future, your favorite song from "Elements") at . A big thank you to DJ Cyber Music Lover.

The song "A Prayer" off of "Poet" is also on another downloadable compilation titled "The Showcase 101 starring C-Stylez" put out by Coast2Coast Mixtapes. This marks our 8th compilation appearance since early 2008. You can download the compilation at .

I was also informed today that the song "Run Away and Hide" from "Poet" has made it to the quarter finals on! The song currently sits at 88 in the OurStage Alternative Rock Charts in the Top 100 Artists. To help the song make it to the Top 10, click on to go to the song on Play the song and favorite it, but even just playing the song helps a great deal. We'll we shall continue bringing the music as we continue with the songs from the forthcoming second album:)

Thank you all very much and have a great weekend:)


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