Monday, October 19, 2009

Future song sets....

Upon wrapping up the Poet Tour, I've been contemplating a little on what the new song sets will be like. Of course there will be the new songs from the second album, but I also enjoy adding a few covers as well. I have been wanting to cover a song by Heart, Pat Benatar, and maybe even Queensryche. I do believe that the new songs we are working on for the second album will definatly give the set lists an added punch. Plus, we'll be looking for a few good musicians for live performances and studio work in the near future.

One cover that has been very well recieved has been my rendition of the song "Music of the Night" from the musical Phantom of the Opera. I've been thinking of some other dramatic showtunes that may appear in some future sets on tour:

"On My Own" from Les Miserables
"Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde
"Too Much for One Heart" from Miss Saigon

Musical Theatre has always been my first love do of course I enjoy carrying that into my own stage shows by not only covering a couple of my favorite tunes but also by doing a show with costumes and props (of course how much of it we do depends highly on the venue).

There's alot to think about. One journey is over and another is beginning...