Saturday, April 4, 2009

2009 Poet Tour-Cherry Hill, NJ

Stopping at the Cracker Barrel in Gettysburg, PA on the way back from Cherry Hill, NJ; Jason stuffing his face at a rest stop on the way TO New Jersey.

2009 Tour-Cherry Hill, NJ

Promotional appearance for album and to film scene for 'Dead of Winter' at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ on 3/14-3/15/2009: With the Troma team, the Recluse Pictures team, my space of merch at the booth, and stopping in Gettysburg to eat on the way back.

2009 Tour-Greensburg, PA and Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Photos from in store show at Hot Topic (Westmoreland Mall)in Greensburg, PA and hotel room in Cherry Hill, NJ.

2009 Tour-Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA

Tearing down after the in store show at Borders (Northway Mall) in Pittsburgh on 4/3/09; PA, playing with Audio Burn at Club Diablo in Buffalo, NY; Jason at the rest stop on the way to Buffalo, the long corridor that stretched accross route 79 at the rest stop (several mac trucks drove beneath us as we walked accross-Buffalo Show-3/28/09