Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Second album, another approach

As I begin the production process of my second album, I find I am taking a much different approach to it than I did my first. First, the album is being produced by Rowen Poole of the prog rock band, Persephone's Dream while the first album was self produced by Jason and myself. Rowen and I had our first meeting for the album today. I played him a few of the demo/pilot tracks I had and Rowen had some really great suggestions. I'm even changing the titles of two of the songs and rewriting some of the lyrics. Two of the songs are going to be part of a concept piece. I knew that the second album would be different from Poet, but now I'm REALLY anxious and curious to see what direction this album will take. Rowen gave me a couple CDs to listen to: Andreas Vollenweider and October Project. I'm also listening to other albums on which the band or artist did a concept piece. While the format for Poet was more standard (although it did have a little bit of a theme to it), this album is going to have a theme and concept. I'm really looking forward to embarking on this journey. The making of Poet was a wonderful journey and a rewarding one too. I'm sure this one will be too if not more.

I'm also uploading the program, Fruity Loops (similar to GarageBand) to my laptop. That way, I can write songs and compose the album even on the road without lugging my keyboard or having to wait until I get home to use my keyboard with some lyrics I wrote on the road. Poet was 50% me and 50% Jason where this second album will be basically all me. I'm ready for this now and besides, Poet does need a follow up:P

I'm looking forward to promoting my album and other things again in New Jersey at Monster Mania. I'm also looking forward to shooting my and Jason's scene in 'Dead of Winter.' I'm also looking forward to having a song off of Poet featured in the movie. I haven't acted in a film in quite some time, so I am looking forward to it. I always look forward to live shows and the great opportunity to showcase the work we've done for audiences. I am, though, really looking forward to getting back into the studio and creating:)

I can't say how I think the second album is going to sound, but I'm looking forward to watching it develope:)

Behind the Scenes-Beginning My Second album