Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late night thoughts/ramblings...

I LOVE GINGERBREAD COOKIES! Anything with ginger or molasses, welcome to my stomache...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just some quick thoughts...

I'm really liking this multiply blogsite. Even moreso than blogspot which is what I use for the official blog on my website (and multiply is an extension of that).

I went to the library yesterday after running errands for the first time in a while and got out two books. It's always nice to have something to read...

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

At Home Spa Tip #1

So I'm in the mood to go get a soy Cafe Mocha from Starbucks before we head over to Cleveland to finish shooting the 'Ghost' music video and I get inspired to make this post. Yes, we women-folk in the entertainment field are doomed to pickle and preserve ourselves with lotions and potions, etc probably more so than the average woman...

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Late night ramblings...

Tomorrow we (Jason and I) are to go to Cleveland to shoot the remainder of the "Ghost" music video. I am excited as it will be the fourth music video and I love what Doom and Gloom Productions MarieAnn and Randy Rosko seem to be doing with it. It's 1am now and we are to be in Cleveland at 2pm tomorrow. I've been warding off some sort of illness by taking a ton of vitamin C, Magnesium...

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Second to Final stop on the Poet Tour: Dark Xmas 2009 in Niles, OH at Eastwood Expo Center

The second to final stop on the Poet Tour was at Dark Xmas 2009. Pictured is me at my table, the stage we performed on, and Playboy Covergirl Lisa Neeld (with whom we are in the film "The Girl") with Elvira's Twin.

Second to last stop on Poet Tour: Dark Xmas 2009 in Niles, OH at Eastwood Expo Center

This was the second to last stop on the Poet Tour at Dark Xmas 2009 at the Eastwood Expo Center in Niles, OH. Dark Xmas is always an event I have a blast out. We performed before Ari Lehman's (Young Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th and pictured with us) band First Jason and the premiere of the first teaser trailer for the film "The Girl" which stars Michael Jackson's former body guard, Playboy covergirl Lisa Neeld (also pictured with us), Kayla Perkins, and Robert Z'Dar. I play Kara the 'goth girl' and Jason plays Chuck. Also pictured with us in these photos is Mary Jo McIntyre who also has a role in "The Girl" and was also one of the models in the new Horror Icons calendar. This was also where we met MarieAnne Rosko and Randy Rosko of Doom and Gloom Productions (they were showing their film "Revival of Darkness: Beyond the Grave").

Final stop on "Poet Tour": Boo Fest 2009, Setting up to film "Ghost" music video 9/09-10/09

The final stop on the Poet Tour was at Boo Fest 2009 at Brady's Run Haunted Lodge in Fallston (Beaver Falls), PA. We're setting up the table and I believe there is also a photo of me taken at the end of the night after we performed and as the place was closing for the evening. Of course we also made a run to Dunkin Donuts for my favorite meal: Egg Whites and Veggie Flatbread sandwich and Vanilla coffee. Yum!

After the Poet Tour wrapped, we went on to film the music video for "Ghost" with Randy and MarieAnn Rosko of Doom and Gloom Productions based out of Cleveland, OH.

Filming the "Ghost" music video and preparing promo items 10/09

These are some more photos from the music video shoot for the song "Ghost." We are setting up some shots in the cemetary including preparing for me to sit on a gravestone (Marie demonstrating in one of the photos) and getting ready to throw some dead (and rotten) flowers down on a grave.

I'm also preparing some promo items for some magazine/webzine/promo companies who support the music.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Future song sets....

Upon wrapping up the Poet Tour, I've been contemplating a little on what the new song sets will be like. Of course there will be the new songs from the second album, but I also enjoy adding a few covers as well. I have been wanting to cover a song by Heart, Pat Benatar, and maybe even Queensryche. I do believe that the new songs we are working on for the second album will definatly give the set lists an added punch. Plus, we'll be looking for a few good musicians for live performances and studio work in the near future.

One cover that has been very well recieved has been my rendition of the song "Music of the Night" from the musical Phantom of the Opera. I've been thinking of some other dramatic showtunes that may appear in some future sets on tour:

"On My Own" from Les Miserables
"Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde
"Too Much for One Heart" from Miss Saigon

Musical Theatre has always been my first love do of course I enjoy carrying that into my own stage shows by not only covering a couple of my favorite tunes but also by doing a show with costumes and props (of course how much of it we do depends highly on the venue).

There's alot to think about. One journey is over and another is beginning...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Behind the Scenes on the set of "The Girl" in Warren, OH

We (Jason and I) very recently shot our parts for the upcoming Eerie Frequency Entertainment film "The Girl" directed by Travis Bowen. We had alot of fun and met some wonderful people. The film has an all star cast including Lindsay Felton (Nickelodeon's "Caitlin's Way"), Ari Lehman ("Friday the 13th"), and others. Enjoy this little behind the scenes peek:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Appearing on The Jay Rossi Show in Cleveland, OH

On July 11, 2009 Jason and I made our second appearance on The Jay Rossi Project (the first being in July of 2007). Like in July of 2007, Jay held a special taped event at The Clevelander in Cleveland, OH where he invited several musicians, bands, and other forms of artists to appear on the show, perform, and be interviewed. It was crazy with everyone running around, but it was alot of fun in the end:) The event will appear on television on the Cox Cable Network (to where it recently moved up from being on the local Cleveland Channel, Time Warner 21) as well as on various areas of the internet. Here are a few photos from the event:

1.) Me in the makeup chair.
2.) Jason gets prettied up in the makeup chair
3.) Jason, Jay Rossi, and singer/songwriter/pianist Gina Pilotti

Scarborough Fair Music Video

Shooting the music video for the song "Scarborough Fair" off of my album, 'Poet' was probably the most difficult music video shoot to date. While filming the videos for "Run Away and Hide" and "Ashes to Dust" where time consuming and, at times, exhausting the video for "Scarborough Fair" really proved to be a challenge. There were three different makeup looks that I had and the video has a defined story to it. Trying to get in the scenes to make the video's story tie together was a challenge in itself but we got it:) Zane did an amazing job behind the camera (he worked with us on the "Ashes to Dust" and "Scarborough Fair" music videos) and Sabrina is an extremely talented makeup artist. All that's left for this video (and the "Ashes to Dust" video) is editing. The footage I've seen on both videos looks amazing and I'm looking forward to them being edited together very soon. We are currently working on the 'Ghost' music video (the 4th video from 'Poet') which will be co-directed by myself and Zane's brother, Adam. Sabrina will be returning to do makeup.

For now, here are some photos as a sneak peek at the "Scarborough Fair" and "Ashes to Dust" videos. Hope you enjoy:)

(One of the many beautiful wooded locations we shot at for the "Scarborough Fair" video)

The Last shoots for "Scarborough Fair" music video

1.) Jason and Myself (in normal makeup for this shoot; I have three different looks for this video)
2.) Zane sets up a shoot
3.) Excalibur and the stone from which it will be pulled.
4.) Sabrina begins my 'evil fairy' makeup.
5.) And this is the end result!

Behind the Scenes-wrapping up "Scarborough Fair" video

1.) Me getting into evil fairy costume and makeup
2.) Me in full costume and makeup as evil fairy
3.) That's a Wrap! Photo: (from left) Makeup Artist Sabrina, Me, Cinematographer/co-director Zane, Jason English, and Zane's daughter Tori (front)
4.) Sabrina and I as I was removing the contacts and makeup (I actually loved this makeup and the contacts I almost didn't want to take them off!)
5.) Production and scene notes for the video

Monday, July 13, 2009

Video footage from the Jay Rossi Show in Cleveland, OH

Here is some video behind the scenes footage of our time in Cleveland, OH being on the "Jay Rossi Project" for the Cox Cable Network. Check the website for airdates!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes at the "Scarborough Fair" video

(from bottom to top):
1.) At 4:30 am getting my water nymph makeup done.
2.) One of the locations we shot at
3.) Lady of the Lake
4.) Jason gets his makeup done :D
5.) Nimiane

Filming "Ashes to Dust" video (Joan of Arc burns at the stake scene)

(Bottom to Top)
1.) The stake
2.) setting up
3.) setting up the shot
4.) That's a wrap!
5.) That's a wrap! 2

Behind the scenes photos filming the "Ashes to Dust" music video

(From Bottom, Up)
1.) Getting a quick close up before filming the church/cemetary Joan of Arc angel scene.
2.) The church and cemetary we filmed in
3.) Zane and his daughter, Tori, setting up (Tori came along to help that day)
4.) Yes, it was cold:)
5.) Getting into character for the 'evil spirit in the cemetary' scene :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering those we've lost, RIP Michael Jackson

Hi all,

It is with deep sadness and shock that I post this blog. Over the past year or so, we have lost some major talent. From Heath Ledger to Pavoratti, to Charlton Heston, to Bea Arthur to Michael Jackson.

Many of those who passed served as major influences to me growing up. Hearing Pavoratti sing was one of the first incidences that turned me onto opera and wanting to be an operatically trained singer. Watching Bea Arthur taught me as a young child that you don't need to be limited to only one aspect of entertainment and that you can make your own personal quirks work for you.

I'm as shocked as probably everyone else to learn of the death of Michael Jackson. I remember being 3 years old and always getting excited when he would appear on television. He was an amazing lyricist and composer; his extreme attention to detail and production in his stage shows and music videos impacted me tremendously in what I do now in my own videos and shows. His genius and creativity will live on forever. He battled many inner demons and I hope and pray that he has found peace now.
My condolances go to the Jackson family and the families of Ed MacMahon and Farrah Fawcett.
Tiffany Apan

My Favorite Michael Jackson videos:
~Smooth Criminal
~Earth Song

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our concert at The Annex, NYC

Video and photos of our tour to New York City. It was alot of fun:) There was beautiful scenery along the way, we played a great show, and ate at the Waffle House :D Baxter, a little stuffed dog I've had for as long as I can remember, came along too:)

Setting up to pay at The Annex in New York City:

Back at the hotel after the show:

Leaving New York and stopping at a Waffle House: