Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking back, Looking Forward Part 1

It's hard to believe that 2008 is drawing to a close. Looking back, I can't believe how much happened within a span of only one year. Halloween came and went. I was pleasantly surprised that the Nicktoons Network and the N aired Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes:) They even aired my favorite ep, Laughing in the Dark. Woohoo! I had many moments of nostalgia:D Yay for old school Nickelodeon!

We were in our last couple shows for the 2008 Poet Tour in October. We did a Halloween themed stage show based on the works of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe at The Art Center for their Galleria of Horrors Costume Gala event. The show went well and we did have a wonderful time doing it. I had more costume changes than I had had up until that point, but it was fun. We even added a few different songs in to enhance the mood of the evening. The songs we added were "Newgrange" (originally performed by Orla from 'Celtic Woman'), "The Black Swan" (from the opera The Medium), and "Music of the Night" (from Phantom of the Opera). In fact, the set list went as follows:

Show Title: "The Raven Beyond the Wall of Sleep"
Act 1: "The Raven"

1. Free
2. Lost Little Girl
3. Porcelain Doll
4. Destiny's Path
5. The Black Swan
6. Run Away and Hide
7. Scarborough Fair
8. Danny Boy

Act 2: "Beyond the Wall of Sleep"

1. Ghost (Persephone's NetherRealm Version)
2. A Prayer
3. Newgrange
4. Whispers
5. Ashes to Dust
6. Music of the Night
7. Warrior (Soldier for Myself)

We are brainstorming for next year's Halloween themed show. Possibly Rod Serling. Well see:)

After that, we went to Canton, OH. The show was at Arabica Coffeehouse and it was one of our more broken down versions of the show. We do always try to include some sort of stage props or costume pieces just to give people something a little different. We are about to do our last show for the 2008 tour in Monroeville, PA. It's almost surreal looking back on the year and all the traveling we did. It's always nice to meet new people who enjoy what you do. This year has been exhausting but alot was accomplished. More than I actually thought would. Aside from the release of my debut album in February of 2008 and the tour, the album has recieved really nice reviews, got radio play, podcast play (MySpace and Rough Edge), appeared on internet music charts, doing interviews, even being given the title of 'Artist of the Week' on the Backseat Mogul Radio show. It's almost overwhelming to think about especially since there is still so much more to do. It's been great but there have also been moments of meloncholy.

While my career decision on focusing on music has been welcomed by many, I have gotten criticism from some. While that is to be expected, it can be hurtful when it is people who you would think would be supportive. It's funny how people seem to think they know what is right for you and what isn't. Actually, these are the people who knew nothing of my life and what I was going through at the time. 2007 was a year of stepping stones/making changes and 2008 was a year of transition. During the years of 2006 and 2007, I was really questioning the direction I was going in and trying to carve out where I wanted to go. They were also years of finding out who true friends were. That is really something you figure out pretty quickly in this industry.

My debut album 'Poet' was me letting go of negative feelings I had been harboring for years. As I write my second album, I'm finding that it is a journey to finding myself again and finding what makes me, me. I feel I got away from that for a while. I got away from the things that were the most important to me and I can't help but beat myself up a little over it. This is a very long and descriptive entry, so I am dividing it into two parts since my brain is pretty fried from everything. This is part 1 and the intro and I will return with part 2.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More tour photos from 2008

Hi all, here are some more photos from the road:) The top two were taken as Jason and I left Excuses Bar and Grill. We performed the song "Three Pale Queens" with Bonfire Night at a Bonfire Night show. Always lots of fun:) The middle two and bottom photos are from our show at the Blue Violet Cafe in September (Rochester, PA). It was a really nice venue and we plan to return there in the future. Well, that is all for now. More photos and postings to come:)